The Super SquirrelFriends

Last week, the queens served us by far the best episode of All Stars – this marked the first time that we actually didn’t hate the team aspect of the season.

For the mini challenge, the girls put on their flyest Air Jordanas for a game of F-I-S-H.

Something tells us that wearing skirts and heels led to a “L” on Shad’s scorecard, giving Rujubee both a phone call home.

The Runway

This episode’s main challenge called for the top four to create comic book diva characters, back-story and all, and transform themselves from mild mannered super models into super heroines and villainesses of the world.

But first, the queens had to perform an opening number which (to nobody’s surprise) Shannel took over again.

Team Shad opted for the raunchy route, serving us some Lindsay Lohan groin realness with Chad’s Fire Crotch character and her arch nemesis, Shannel’s Lactasia. Not gonna lie, it was all kind of gross in theory.

Chad’s and Shannel’s daytime looks were a little too old AARP.Chad’s super hero execution was beautiful. She looked like Katniss Everdeen and Cher’s lovechild.

Shannel’s outfit was fine, even though it kind of looked like a cross between this:


Rujubee’s story took us to the planet Solaris, where Jujubee’s character, Melanina, gave people the gift of tan skin with her magical TS Gun. The pale and bitter queen, So.Phia Fierce, as played by Raven, sought to condemn people to paleness by throwing her rays of shade at them.

Jujubee and Raven did the daytime look flawlessly.

Raven’s outfit as So.Phia was sexcellent, but Juju could have benefited from some more traditional super hero accessories.

While all the girls turned it out on the runway, the judges could not find a flaw with any of these top 4, but based on the judges majority (even though Michelle and both boobs were pulling for Rujubee) Ru chose Shad as the winner.

Rujubee broke into tears as they had to try to outperform each other to Robyn.

But proving the bonds of true friendship, our vixens couldn’t outshine each other, and stood by each others sides mouthing the song in what was by far the most emotional performance yet.

After the song, Ru had no choice but to keep both of the girls around for the finale, and the crowd at boxers lost their mother effing sh*t as they should…

Stay tuned readers, next week there are no more teams and its every diva for herself.


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