Butch Queen

Last night we were served a shocking episode from our all stars and we are still reeling. The theme of this week’s episode was “bad” and we have to say, some of the girls did bad very well.

The episode starts with Ru telling the queens that they need to deliver their best butch, bad boy look in RuPaul’s version of Guys with iPhones. The guys awkwardly draw some facial hair on and try to bring sexy back, but while most fail, Yarlexis takes home the mini challenge.

Once again, Yara carries these two. We’ve been saying this all season, and there’s nothing like an ugly mug to validate us.

For the main challenge, the queens were given 10 minutes each to pull pranks on passersby on Hollywood Blvd.

We were a bit confused. not sure when “pulling pranks” translated into getting people to walk you like a dog, but “dog” is definitely a description for some of these queens (cough, Alexis, cough).

While we’re on the subject, we just have to say, Alexis is a mess. Aside from Mimi, we can’t think another queen on the All Stars roster less deserving to be there than Alexis.

She has not grown one bit since the beginning of season three, she’s not funny, not sexy, not charismatic and it has zero to do with her being ESL. She needs to stop deluding herself into thinking that her immigrant status is the reason people think she’s a flop.

To quote Tatiana in this week’s FLAWLESSSSS Untucked segment, “Tea with Tati,” Yara gave her a free pass in season 3 by giving up, and she’s been carrying her team during All Stars (we repeat: WE’VE BEEN SAYING THIS ALL SEASON).

The Runway

“Look at all of those flaws!!” – things no one ever says about RuPaul.

On the main stage, the queens had to bring it, punk rock style, in their best bad girl drag.

Rujubee nailed it with Juju’s gothic chic and Ravens fierce Harajuku riding coat and crop, and girl you could not read her Joker Face.

Latrilla was a bit understated in the wardrobe department, but Latrice’s white makeup gave us Divine inspiration and Manila turned it out with her feathery headwear. This was a new look from Latrice (thanks Manila?) and we’re glad our girl is taking risks.

Yara Alexis Runway 3Yarlexis pulled out all the stops, but it was clear that Yara had her hand in Alexis’s entire look, from forcing her to wear creepy contacts to designing her face for her. While Yara’s dress screamed perfection, Alexis looked like an overgrown orangutan piñata.

Shad gave us exactly what we’ve been waiting for from them, serving dominatrix diva. Shannel worked it with a jeweled corset and Chad gave us some rough and toughness that she never fully delivered in her own season. Combined, these two turned it out.

This episode is always our favorite: the one where Ru asks the queens who they think should go home. Everyone says Yarlexis. When Alexis was asked, she pulled out a cheap blow at Latrice for being their “biggest” competition. It’s no wonder Latrice shot back at her inability to understand Yarlexis. Eye for an eye.

Alexis can’t take it like a big boy and goes off in rapid Spanish, shrieking like an immigrant Honey Boo Boo on amphetamines.

Once again, Alexis concludes that people don’t look at them as competition because they are immigrants. And once again, we’re all like:

You’re not competition because half your teams sucks, y’all.

Based on the main challenge on the streets of LA, Shad won this week’s challenge. Somehow that we can’t fathom at all, Yarlexis was safe, and it was Manila vs Juju in the LSFYL.

Now, for the first time in a while, we’ve grown to love Manila, but there is no way that our hometown diva bee Juju was going home last night. She lipsyncs flawlessly, and consistently, and she’s here to kill. Like, let’s talk about the whip action she had going on. She was basically like

And so it was that Manila and Latrice had to sashay away, leaving only 3 teams left. If you want our opinion (and you do) Yarlexis will be the next to go, and once it comes down to Juju, Raven, Chad, and Shannel, it’s anybody’s game.


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