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Sorry for the post delay, we were a bit busy when Hurricane Sandy wouldn’t sashay away!

This week, our All Stars attempt to make us LOL in what appears to be this incarnation’s version of the Statch Game – RuPaul’s Gaff In. Much like the Snatch Game, our queens must give us their best celebrity impersonations in a sketch comedy challenge that puts their comedy chops to the ultimate test. Pandora and Mimi are probably beside themselves.

This week’s mini challenge tested our All Stars’ synergy levels by challenging them to the T girl spin on the classic Newlywed Game.

This little exercise drew a glittery pink line between the codependent teams and the couples that know the absolute least about each other.

We love Latrila, but it’s obvious that they each other as well as Manila can throw Latrice far.

Meanwhile, we have full-fledged symbiosis with teams Shad and Rujubee. We do love Raven and Juju’s chemistry.

Was it us or did Nina and Tammie actually look like a couple?

The Gaff In

Chad and Shannel: Bette Davis and Lucille Ball
Yara and Alexis: Charro and Shakira
Manila and Latrice: Madonna and Oprah
Jujubee and Raven: Fran Drescher and Bea Arthur
Tammie and Nina: Tammie Faye Baker and La Lupe

It seems that each team had a clear winner, and a painfully obvious loser who gave us the worst case of second-hand embarrassment.

Why is Alexis even here? Does no one else find her to not only be excruciatingly not funny, but also irritating? Our eyes bleed every time she goes into her high-pitched voice of hers. The impersonation was awful because much like Phi Phi and Sonique’s problem with Lady Gaga, Shakira is a visual personality. Everything just screamed man

Charro was excellent. Made our coochie coochie coochies tingle.

Nina’s choice, La Lupe, was a poor one. It came off pretty flat and we have no idea if this impersonation was on point or awful because we don’t really know anything about La Lupe.

Latrice. Oh Latrice. We love you, but impersonations are not your thing. Your personality is so big that it makes it hard for you to take on another character.

Chad’s Bette Davis was flawless. Shannel’s Lucy could have used some work. She had tons of energy, but lacked her iconic voice.

Juju and Raven were actually both good (maybe the former better than the latter). They (along with Chad) were at the top in terms of performance, but even the best characters left something to be desired.

The Runway

Alexis: MESS. She still cannot proportion her body correctly. Yara: Sexy – She absolutely embodies 60’s mod. Love the two piece (where’s our biscuit?) – she made us want to grab a cooler full of glass coke bottles and our surf boards and hit the playa with her.

Cute. Juju and Raven looked flawless on the runway last week. Their outfits really played on each other’s. But this week, their dresses were too similar, stifling them and their personalities.

As usual, Nina’s makeup is flawless and she does a great job of running with the theme and making it her own. Tammie, on the other hand, just looks like the same ‘ol Tammie Brown. Cuckoo cuckoo bananas as usual.

Chad’s dress is by far the best outfit on the runway. But what is up with Shannel’s makeup? It kind of looks like Lucille Ball and Golem’s love child in Twiggy drag.

Latrice, stunning as ever. Manila looks great, but we agreed that she looked incredibly cross-eyed. She handled that critique incredibly well and embraced the shit out of it.

The bottom two this week were Latrila and Brown Flowers, with Latrice and Tammie doing the LSFTL. Normally, we’d equate Latrice to a boot and her opponent to an ant, but Tammie held her own. It didn’t save her, though.

We have to say, that we just hate this team dynamic. It really takes away from the competition and, more importantly, from the competitors. Bold personalities like Shannel’s and Raven’s get lost in their teams.

In fact, this setup does a disservice to the viewers — we lose the opportunity to watch incredibly talented queens like Nina Flowers compete and show us what they are made of.

If anything, this season only serves to give us context for the main event – Untucked – which has been a lot more entertaining and honest than the show itself..


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