2 thoughts on “The Final Three

  1. i do love sharon needles’ personality and spunk, but im rooting for chads michaels. As someone who’s done a handful of drag, my personal dilemma with sharon lies with her runway. week after week she has something very similar, and often the outfits look quite cheap (the exception being the dog challenge with those awesome boots and matching beret). every other contestant for RPDR comes prepared with tons of gowns, dresses, tops, pants, etc. IMHO sharon’s wardrobe pales in comparison to other queens, this season and past.

  2. I disagree – I feel like she’s switched it up a lot. The base theme is “spooky,” but there is always some thematic variable that she carefully throws in there to make it so much more than that. She’s no Willam with the labels, but has she shown us an uncompromising versatility. Compared to Latrice who has ALWAYS looked stunning but executed something similar every week. But I do love me some Chad! I agree that she is more polished…but then again Sharon’s shtick is imperfection, while Chad’s is flawlessness.

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