Britney Spears: The $16 Million Woman

by [M]artin

Britney Spears on X Factor in the UK, performing Womanizer

 Well it’s happened. The loud whispers about Britney being considered for an X Factor judge gig have reached a climax today. Reports claim that an offer has been made to Britney and we might actually see her on our TVs this Fall.

It’s come down to money for our girl – Cowell has offered her $10 mill, but she and fiancágent, Jason Trawick, are not here for pocket change. They want $16 mill and they are firm on it. My feelings on the subject are kind of all over the place. Would I love to see Britney on tv every week? ABSOLUTELY.

She is beyond eligible for this job. Surely there will be many who say “but she lip syncs and isn’t even a good singer.” To that, I say that this isn’t “The Vocal Factor.” This is a competition about finding someone with a complete and unique package. Britney’s resume as an entertainer (no, not a vocalist, entertainer) is nothing short of impressive in an industry that tosses stars out habitually. You’re hot today, and gone tomorrow. Britney’s always been hot enough to keep people talking. Her dancing was (and still can be) unparalleled. But my concern comes two-fold. First of all, this chick needs a break. Her very public breakdown was at its peak back in 2007 and her “comeback” album, Circus, came out at the end of 2008.  One would think that a year isn’t nearly enough to recover, but somehow she came back full force for the amazing Circus tour. It wasn’t “Slave” or “Toxic” Britney, but she was still on fire. Her next break was about a year and a half between the end of the Circus tour and the release of Femme Fatale. This time she came back with a little less fire in her eyes.

While I love her no matter what, she was significantly more “on and off” in the FF era. When I saw her in LA for the Femme Fatale Tour, she was snatching wigs left and right. But when I watched videos of the last leg of the tour she just looked physically and emotionally tired. Who could blame her? Who could blame her for wanting to slow down and spend time with her kids? With all of her complicated contractual and legal obligations, she couldn’t make the executive decision herself. It seemed like she’d finally get that break. A break that hopeful fans thought might be long enough for her to relax and come back with an inferno in her eyes. Being a judge on the X Factor WILL be exhausting and demanding and WILL put that break on hold.

My other concern comes from the backlash that last year’s judges received. Let’s face it, the media and the public tore Nicole Scherzinger apart from the inside out. Brit’s little head nods and “yeah, i liked it. it was cool”‘s might be too passive for the same audience that still bears a grudge on the woman who just “wasn’t assertive enough.” Then again, Paula has lasted all these years and become more aggressive in her judging since Idol season 1.

Alas, time will tell. I will be disappointed if this doesn’t happen, but I will be worried if it does.

Then again…it’s Britney, bitch! It’s about time the world remembers the goofy, bubbly diva that she is.


UPDATE: Britney has reportedly turned down the offer for $10 million and is now asking for $20 million. Yikes!


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