A Message to Rihanna About Featuring Chris Brown on Bday Cake

Oh. So. Looks like Chris Brown is being featured on Rihanna’s remix of Birthday Cake.

Now, I love pop music. A lot. I especially love stanning for divas, and Rihanna was one of them. When it comes to obsessing over pop divas, I look to the strong ones who have overcome some sort of struggle. Madonna had a rough early life, Britney had a rough 2007 and Rihanna seemed to have overcome a horrible relationship full of some very public domestic violence. What they have in common is that they all came out of it alive and stronger than yesterday.

It’s hard to continue to put Rihanna in this grouping, though, with the news that not only has she let Chris Brown back into her personal life, but she will be collaborating with him on a remix of one of the best songs on her recent album. To add insult to injury, it looks like she will also be featured on a remix of his single, Turn Up The Music.

Listen, her personal life is her personal life. But a professional collaboration is a whole different matter. She and Chris Brown will literally be capitalizing on domestic violence. The message that people in DV relationships are getting is that it’s okay for your boyfriend to beat you senseless, so long as you give him a few remorseless years before you take him back. And hey, why not make a few bucks out of it, too?

The only collaborations that I could imagine to be just as destructive:

  • Britney Spears feat. Sam Lufti and the Paparazzi Experience
  • Christina Aguilera feat. McDonalds and Bionic
  • Ke$ha feat. Her Sponsor

With that said, we just have a few messages for RihRih:

And most importantly:

Further reading material:
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