Alaska, Silicone and Some T/Some Shade

By [J]ustin

The return of RuPaul’s Drag Race means more than just the return of our favorite show, it also means the return of our favorite post-show show!

Untucked and the Interior Illusions Lounge are back and it’s better than ever this year, with new spins and surprises to keep everything fresh.

Since Ru clearly didn’t have enough catch phrases in the first three seasons, she decided it was time to spruce up Untucked with a brand new one, and we’re INTO it. “Peek-a-Ru, I see you!” is the latest addition to the RPDR catch phrase family, featured in Untucked when Ru appears on the TV screen and gives the safe girls a treat. Last week they got to see all of their photos from the photo shoot challenge, and this week, previous challenge winner Sharon Needles received a video message from her boyfriend, fellow entertainer Alaska!

Needless to say Sharon got very emosh, as did the rest of the queens as Alaska serenaded her boyfriend via video. Will each winner get a video from an at home supporter? We’ll find out next week if Chad and Madame LaQueer get video messages from loved ones (I’m REALLY hoping for Cher to say hello to Chad)!

In the other room, drama went down as Jigglypuff made rude comments about how she thinks it’s gross for drag queens to date each other….Jiggly, am I crazy…aren’t you a drag queen? Don’t be rude girl. In the words of Dida Ritz Cracker, no t no shade.

Speaking of Jiggly, she revealed her vulnerable side to the girls, and explained why she’s such an unhappy person, which resulted in a stern talking to from mama Latrice.

Let me tell you, if I ever need a confidence booster, Latrice is the drag queen I’m going to for advice. Her 45 second inspirational speech left us without words, and every moment of screen time that features miss Big Bold and Beautiful makes us fall more and more in love with her. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve added her to my roster of queens in RuPaul’s Fantasy Drag Race. This dramatic Untucked scene even broke through Phi Phi Ohara’s rough exterior and revealed a soft side somewhere beneath all 10 pounds of makeup on her face.

Finally, Chad took the opportunity to give the other queens a little PSA on the dangers of black market plastic surgery. She reveals that at 21 she was easily swayed by her drag queen colleagues and had silicon injected into her face to make her look more like Cher.

While you couldn’t choose a better deity to try and emulate, it’s nice to see drag queens pull off an illusion with a makeup brush, rather than a syringe. Either way, Chad is still a personal fave of this season and the queen to beat.

Be sure to tune in next week to see what new drama goes down in the Interior Illusions Lounge!


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