Willam Belli on the AnddyRadio Affect

by [M]artin

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 contestant, Willam Belli appeared on The anddyRadio Affect to answer some questions before this week’s Drag Race premiere.

Aside from her ahem usual name dropping, she gave us the T on the Drag Race casting process, buying Larry Rudolph’s (Godney’s manager, for you non-stans) house, and what it’s like to (voluntarily) get tasered on stage at a drag show.

Love her or hate her, this bitch doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Willam Belli, The anddyRadio Affect Interview.mp3.


One thought on “Willam Belli on the AnddyRadio Affect

  1. Her clip in the Untucked opening gets me every time. Perhaps not as memorable as “bitch! I’m from Chicago” or “Cause I’m what? Sickening. Bitch!” “Oh no!,” but it does make me giggle. “You’re tone seems very pointed right now.”

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