Introducing J&M

J&M is inspired by all of the rants and unsolicited opinions that Justin and Martin have been riddling their friends with for years.

J&M sassily interprets TV, music, drag queens and other things that Americans hold near and dear. The authors promise to never hold back.

Justin invented the rant before it became popular back in the 80s. A bit of culinary aficionado, Justin will be dishing some Top Chef realness. Cher is his number one diva, so you know he’s not here for basic bitches who need to be snapped out of it.

The first thing you need to know about Martin is that when he stans, he stans hard. So if you don’t particularly like Britney Spears, How I Met Your Mother or RuPaul, Martin has one thing to say to you:

Other obsessions: pop music, Northeastern cities and Lucky Charms.


Contact us at JMQuips [at] gmail [dot] com


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